Dear Sir or Madam, We are a capital group registered in Warsaw and we have been operating on Polish and Lithuanian financial markets for few years now. We offer for our clients a wide range of services. We would like to draw your attention, as our potential partner and investor, to one of our specialties, which is the real-estate secured non-bank loans. Loans are granted to small and medium size companies, as well as to individuals. The demand for such financial instruments significantly exceeded the supply, which consisted of our own working capital - therefore we are looking for serious and reliable investors. We believe you would be an ideal partner and that is why we have decided to offer you this opportunity to cooperate with us.

Investment offer
About 60 % per year - only in Poland and only with us !!!
We are proud to offer you safe and guaranteed investment method, which is the following:
  • A client (on individual or a company) comes to us. Usually it is an entity which due to various reasons was refused a credit or a loan from a bank. Such reasons might be: lack of documented income, bad credit history, and outstanding obligations verified in the National Debts Register and many other circumstances revoking any possibility to obtain bank financing. We take under account only such clients who own secure collateral in form of an attractive and legally clear real estate, which is free from any encumbrances and mortgages.
  • The client provides us with a set of original documents (real estate valuation prepared by the authorized expert, land and mortgage register and certification proving the real property is free from any encumbrances and mortgages). We also require the client to supply us with a local zoning plan and building permit, if it is a plot.
  • We inform the Client that we are ready to provide him with a loan in the amount of maximum 1//3 of the real estate value. Such real estate is pawned after completing the verification process of the documentation and information supplied by him and then we proceed to the next step.
    1. we subcontract preparation of a valuation report of the pawned real estate to two independent property appraisal experts,
    2. we estimate the value of the real estate on the basis of comparative analysis with other offers for sale available in the Internet,
    3. we estimate the value of the real estate on the basis of recently concluded and accomplished transactions relating to similar real estates - at this stage we cooperate with befriended real estate agencies,
    4. we subcontract the law firm to prepare the due diligence for the pawned real estate.
  • The aforementioned operations provide us with a real price of the real estate and a price of the distressed sale. The real price sometimes varies from the real property price resulting from the valuation report provided by the Client and that is why only at this stage we can present the final offer to the Client. For example, the Client wants to borrow PLN 500,000 against the equity in form of a house worth - pursuant to the documents supplied by the Client - PLN 1,500,000. After completing the verification process we find it is worth e.g. PLN 1,200,000 and consequently the Client will be presented with the offer of only PLN 400,000- not the amount of PLN 500,000 he initially applied for. Such conduct arises from the fact that we never break the rule: "the amount of the loan must not exceed 33% of the real estate value'
  • Depending on your consideration, the security for a loan is performed in a written form of making an entry in the land and mortgage register of the Client or in form of a transfer of ownership to his real estate for the period of the loan (under the Polish law and the judgment of the Supreme Court on 29 May 2000, IIICKN, 246/2000, OSNC 11/2000 item 2013 - it requires the form of a Notarial deed under pain of nullity). If the Client fails to pay the loan, you may sell the real estate and recover all financial resources.
  • When the Client accepts our conditions as to the amount of the loan, we negotiate other terms and conditions of the loan such as: duration of the loan, rate of interest, repayment schedule (the Client may to repay only interests, interests and capital or to repay the entire loan at one time).
  • Having agreed all terms and conditions of the loan, the Notary Office prepares the draft of the Notarial deed- the loan facility agreement with consideration of the following issues:
    1. change in the ownership of the property pledged by the borrower - it becomes the property of the lender upon granting the loan;
    2. a notice resulting from the content of the loan agreement is entered in the Ill Section of the Mortgage Register, and it states that in the event of fulfilling all obligations under the agreement by the borrower, the lender is obliged to return transfer of the property for a benefit of the borrower;
    3. defining the conditions to be fulfilled so the lender is entitled to delete the above mentioned notice in the III Section and dispose the pledged real property freely at own discretion (e.g. to sell). The condition may be, e.g. accumulation of two unpaid loan installments;
    4. the loan repayment schedule;
    5. the amount of granted loan - the borrower confirms before the Notary, that he has been granted the amount consisting of the capital and interests, despite he has been granted only the amount of the capital less Notarial and judicial costs, as well as the commission for an agent (if it was the case). Interests that are entered into the Notarial deed are of symbolic value. So, the borrower must repay the amount which he has been granted with those symbolic interests according to the agreed schedule;
    6. Additional security - the Additional Security (apart from bills and guarantees, etc.) is a rigor under Art. 777 of the Civil Procedure Code that the borrower submits to enforcement proceedings also from all his assets and property (other real estates, movables, bank accounts etc.). This rigor as such constitutes the execution title, when granted the enforcement clause by the court. It opens the way for seizure of the debtor's assets, without necessity of suing the client to the court.
  • The final of the above described conduct is signing the loan agreement in the form of the notary deed and payment of the loan to the borrower. The template of the loan agreement that we usually execute with our clients, will be provided to you when you are eventually interested in our offer.
  • The proposed scope of crediting - minimum 6 months. Due to cooperation with professionals (lawyers, property appraisal experts, and others) and incurred expenditures, shorter loan periods are uneconomic.

If you decide to cooperate with us, it is clear that your company - not ours - is the owner of the property for the loan period, for we only intermediate in this transaction. We also suggest that it would be useful to register the limited liability company in the territory of Poland. We will of course assist you in all the registration process. If you are interested in our offer, please, contact us promptly, for even at this particular moment we are handling several loan applications on the total amount substantially exceeding our financial capacity.

Yours faithfully,
Suman Capital Group Sp. z o.o.
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